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Ozark Mountain Coffee

  • Small is 2 oz, Large is 8 oz. 

    Made in MO, but sourced from around the world. We are excited to bring these fabulous flavors to you. 

    Their process: At the Ozark Mountain Coffee Co. we believe in using the highest quality beans possible.  That is why we start by using the finest Arabica coffee beans from around the world.  These beans are unique because they are grown at higher elevations than the more commonly found Robusta bean, which gives the Arabica beans a smooth, rich flavor.  The beans are still green when they arrive in the Ozarks.  We then roast the coffee in small quantities of 26 pounds or less to ensure that it is never exposed to direct flame allowing us to preserve the natural oils.  Our hands on method gives us the opportunity to smell, listen and view the beans throughout the roasting process to ensure perfection.  Finally we air-cool beans to preserve freshness.

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